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Area: 40,000m2
Заказчик: Mallino Development Group
Услуга: Lead Consultant, Архитектура, Мастерпланирование, 3D графика, Переговоры со стейкхолдерами
Status: Design

A 40,000m2 mixed use development in Surrey that reconnects the high street to the community park and creates a new civic focus.

The development creates a retail arcade that includes a supermarket, shops, cafes and restaurants. The arcade connects the high street to the park and incorporates a central public galleria that provides a focus for the retail and a new civic space.

Located above the retail are a series of a 3 to 5 storey residential pavilions that have been designed to optimise views to the park and have access to a private roof garden above the retail.

As part of the development, the park will be enhanced to create a special place for both local residents and visitors. The scheme aims to attract new visitors to the local area, thus supporting the sustainability of the town centre.