Novy Urengoy Airport, Passenger Terminal, Russia

The new airport is an integral part of the ongoing regeneration of Russia’s airport infrastructure. Novy Urengoy is located in the Yamelo Nenets Region and is situated next to one of the world’s largest gas fields and the airport will serve the city and the regional oil and gas industry.

Twelve’s proposal is elegant, flexible and contextual. The external form and interiors take inspiration from a ‘chum’, a temporary tent structure used by the Uralic reindeer herders of north-western Siberia where the airport is situated.

The baggage handling facility occupies a building separate from the main terminal but linked by a conveyor system. This enhances future flexibility for expansion and allows views from the arrivals area and check in through to the departures lounge.

Twelve’s masterplan includes new road infrastructure, carpark and landscaping.
The project is due to be completed in 2021.