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Mountbatten House, Basingstoke

Местонахождение: Basingstoke
Area: 19,600m2
Этап: Design
Услуга: Архитектура, Дизайн интерьеров, Переговоры со стейкхолдерами
Status: В процессе строительства

The Grade II Listed Mountbatten House, is a 19,600m2, 1970s office building in Basingstoke, famous for its James Russell-designed, multi-level gardens. The project will revitalise the existing building to create a modern multi-let, energy-efficient building, with a focus on wellness.

This unique five-storey structure, once refurbished, will make Mountbatten House a landmark on the M3 corridor.

The landscaped gardens will be accessible by all office levels and provide excellent amenity space. The reception will be enlarged to improve access and it’s outlook. The original plant room, despite being lower, is graced with generous daylight and will become a co-working space; the former canteen has an impressive double ceiling, adding to the rich internal office spaces.