Twelve to be appointed to Southwark Architect Design Services Framework

ADS Framework promotes design innovation and aims to significantly improve the delivery of architectural projects across London. Effectiveness, efficiency, quality. Тhe new framework will benefit all aspects of the procurement process, and will be available to all public sector authorities in London. Twelve’s Director, Matt Cartwright, said, “As a forward-thinking firm in the heart of Southwark, I’m incredibly proud that we’ve earned a place on the roster”.

Southwark Council have set very high standards for design innovation, sustainability and working closely with local communities. Only architectural practices that met these criteria made it onto the framework. Twelve Architects look forward to working with the Council on their Education, social care and community projects with a value of £5-£20m.

Twelve’s Director, Dmitry Reutt, is excited about his team playing a key role in this new community-driven partnership. “We have a strong team of talented architects and designers at Twelve. We’re really looking forward to engaging with Southwark Council and the local community to help shape the future of the borough and the surrounding areas.”

The new framework will deliver sustainable design solutions that enhance the environment and the wellbeing of people across London. Something that Twelve is 100% committed to.

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