Cosmonavtov Retail & Leisure Mall, Russia

A 120,000 m2 retail and leisure mall, which forms a key part of the regeneration and expansion of the city.

The scheme reinvents the retail mall in Russia, replacing the simple, single-entrance boxes that are prevalent throughout the country with a dynamic, multi-level development. The design creates multiple entrances that relate to the current and future surroundings with an extension of the pedestrian streets into the mall.  These streets will lead to a range of plaza spaces, all covered by a glazed roof. It will be a destination for people to meet, shop, dine, entertain and enjoy range of leisure activities, as well as a venue for public events, fashion shows and music performances.

The vision for the external form is to create a landmark identity more akin to a major public building to attract retailers and the general public. The facades will be clad in black glass and perforated anodised aluminium while integrated large media screens will accommodate branding and advertising displays.

The building is arranged over three levels; the lowest predominantly housing car parking and perimeter retail with two 42,000m2 levels of retail and leisure above. Situated next to Pyshminskiy Lakes Park, the development will connect to two new tram stops as well as bus and cycling routes.

The retail plan has been developed with Cushman Wakefield and Twelve’s local multidisciplinary office R1 Design Bureau.