Bodmin Jail, Museum & Hotel, Cornwall

The vision for the jail is to return this much understated heritage asset of national importance to its former glory, and in so doing make it a leading visitor attraction, venue, hotel and teaching facility for local schools and universities that gives back to Bodmin, Cornwall and the UK.

Twelve Architects is leading the consultant team to prepare proposals for the alteration, extension and change of use of the Grade II listed buildings at Bodmin Jail.

The design retains and enhances the unique atmosphere and sense of history that exists in the ruins. The derelict cell blocks of the jail will house the hotel accommodation and part of the museum. A glazed roof to the hotel atrium retains the magical natural lighting qualities of the ruin. The proposed design for the hotel rooms will retain the rich colours and textures of the stone that have over time been revealed and weathered creating a unique and special place.

Under the museum proposals, an exciting ‘Dark Walk’ experience will set the scene for visitors to appreciate the Jail’s vivid stories. A state of the art, automated theatrical space will use the latest technology with a range of scenic sets, films and projections. The experience will re-create and immerse the visitor in the history of the building and the experience of what it was like to be in Bodmin Jail in the 18th & 19th centuries.