Sutton Court Road, Residential Development, Sutton

Residential Development and Refurbishment, Sutton, Surrey, UK

A 4,000 m2 residential development of high-quality compact living apartments in Sutton, Surrey.

Conversion and extension of an existing, 10 storey office building that has been granted consent under permitted development to provide 73, one and two bed apartments.  Twelve Architects have been appointed to design an additional nine penthouse apartments on top of the existing building and remodel the external façade to include new balconies, upgrading of the thermal envelope and the design of amenity space to the front of the site.

The design introduces a new ‘framed balcony zone’ to the front and rear elevations, articulating the gridded geometry of the existing building but softening the aesthetic and adding depth. The addition of balconies improves the relationship with the street and surrounding public space, and adds significant value to the apartments.

Nine Sutton Court has won numerous awards.

Cosmonavtov Retail & Leisure Mall, Russia

A 120,000 m2 retail and leisure mall, which forms a key part of the regeneration and expansion of the city.

The scheme reinvents the retail mall in Russia, replacing the simple, single-entrance boxes that are prevalent throughout the country with a dynamic, multi-level development. The design creates multiple entrances that relate to the current and future surroundings with an extension of the pedestrian streets into the mall.  These streets will lead to a range of plaza spaces, all covered by a glazed roof. It will be a destination for people to meet, shop, dine, entertain and enjoy range of leisure activities, as well as a venue for public events, fashion shows and music performances.

The vision for the external form is to create a landmark identity more akin to a major public building to attract retailers and the general public. The facades will be clad in black glass and perforated anodised aluminium while integrated large media screens will accommodate branding and advertising displays.

The building is arranged over three levels; the lowest predominantly housing car parking and perimeter retail with two 42,000m2 levels of retail and leisure above. Situated next to Pyshminskiy Lakes Park, the development will connect to two new tram stops as well as bus and cycling routes.

The retail plan has been developed with Cushman Wakefield and Twelve’s local multidisciplinary office R1 Design Bureau.

The Passmore Centre, South Bank University, London

A new business and networking hub for the university with a variety of flexible space for both mentoring and teaching, The Passmore Centre will act as a central point for independent careers advice and a bridge into the university for FE colleges.

The Passmore Centre is an innovative and state-of-the-art hub for students and employers embarking on apprenticeships in Southwark. It accommodates new teaching facilities, social and events spaces, meeting rooms and staff offices. The project includes the renovation and extension of the building and the creation of a new ‘study’ park.

The original Grade II listed building was a former library. Our proposals have sought to retain as much of the original building as possible. Both staircases are retained, original openings are revealed and unsympathetic alterations removed. New accommodation has been be added as a modern Corten clad extension to this restored shell to meet the brief and access requirements. The new facility seeks to revive and reinvigorate a valued local building with a rich past.

The project was completed in 2018 on time and within budget. Up to 2,000 students will be undertaking apprenticeships at the University every year by 2020, supported by the Passmore Centre.

Central Cross, Residential Development, Croydon

Residential Development and Refurbishment, Central Cross, Croydon, UK

A 3,300 m2 residential development of high-quality compact living apartments in Croydon.

Conversion and extension of an existing, 4 storey office building that has been granted consent under permitted development to provide 82, one and two bed apartments.  Twelve Architects has been appointed to design an additional eight penthouse apartments on top of the existing building and remodel the external façade to include new balconies, upgrading of the thermal envelope and the design of amenity space to the front of the site.

The design reclad’s the existing building with materials that are more contextual to the surroundings. New staggered balconies create external amenity space and help to reduce the apparent scale of the building. A new entrance atrium creates an accent at the corner of the site.

Mixed-use Development, Crawley, West Sussex

New Mixed use Development, Crawley, West Sussex, UK

A 6,000m2 retail & residential development and catalyst for Crawley town centre regeneration.

The 7 storey development accommodates 1000m2 of retail and 78 high quality studio, one-bed and two-bed apartments suitable for single tenants, couples, small families and the elderly.

The site is located within the precinct district at the heart of Crawley town centre and is within 5 minutes walking distance of both the train and bus station. Crawley is very well connected within the south east region, with good road and rail connections to London and the coast. Gatwick airport is also approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the site.

The scheme supports Crawley’s town centre development plan and is a catalyst for improving the local environment. The integration of attractive new retail space, high quality residential accommodation and an improved external appearance will enhance and enliven The Broadway and precinct district.

The ground floor retail maximises the full extent of the site. The 1st to 4th floors are set back at the rear of the site to allow a generous external terrace at first floor with raised planters. The 4th and 5th floors are set back on front, rear and south sides so that a generous external shared terrace is created and the upper floors’ impact at street level is minimised.

Perm Retail, Hotel and Leisure Complex, Russia

The 152,000 m2 development will house a retail and leisure mall, art gallery, conference centre and the 150 rooms 5 Star Radisson Hotel. The project is the landmark development within the overall regeneration of Perm’s Kama River Promenade and central Esplanade park.

The vision for the external form is to create a distinctive identity more akin to a major public building to attract retailers and the general public, taking a lead from Perm’s culture of performing arts and civic sculptures. The façade takes inspiration from the folds of a ballerina’s skirt, recalling the period when the world-renowned Bolshoi company was based in the city.  It will create a unique identity and form a piece of modern architecture that complements the historic buildings of the district.

The massing has been articulated as a series of volumes, to reduce the overall scale of the ‘retail box’ and to create a scale that relates more to the existing streetscape. It provides a significant advance in the design of retail facilities in Russia, where simple, single entrance boxes are prevalent. The dynamic, multi-level form and routes through the building that relate to external pedestrian streets will give residents of and visitors to Perm an entirely new shopping and leisure experience and create a destination within the city for people to meet, shop, relax and be entertained all year round.

Construction of the first phase commenced in the first quarter of 2020 with completion due in the third quarter of 2021.

38 Mappin Street, The University of Sheffield

38 Mappin Street, The University of Sheffield

38 Mappin St Refurbishment & Extension

The University of Sheffield

Re-imagining existing space to achieve best value from the University’s current estate.

Our latest completed project for the University of Sheffield will reduce the energy consumption of the existing building by 52% and CO2 emissions by 64%, exceeding the University requirement to comply with HEFCE carbon targets and create an exemplar for sustainable re-use.

The £7.2 million refurbishment of 38 Mappin Street creates a state of the art flexible teaching facility with a range of flat-floor, small to large capacity teaching spaces, seminar, meeting, prayer and workshop spaces. We worked closely with the university’s stakeholders to create the brief and test a range of design options. The preferred solution supports envisaged future teaching models, increases natural daylight into the building, and improves circulation and connectivity between spaces. A selection of photographs is attached.

Twelve Architects acted as lead consultant and provided full architectural and interior design services. The project was completed on time and within budget in the summer of 2017.

The completion of 38 Mappin Street is the second project we have completed for the University of Sheffield, following The Diamond a state-of-the-art engineering faculty which has contributed to significantly increasing applications to study these subjects.

`The Art of Living` Moscow, Russia

A mixed use development that regenerates part of Central Moscow.

Our concept is inspired by the original ZIL automotive factory that occupied the industrial site from 1916. Our design celebrates the site’s rich heritage by taking inspiration from the Russian Constructivist artists who found fame during the period when the factory was at its peek.

The development consists of four fifteen storey residential towers and a linear residential building. These sit above a retail podium and a basement car park. A Kindergarten and landscaped courtyard is located at the centre of the development. Our design complies with the Russian building regulations and the scheme has been submitted for building permit approval.

Bridge Road, Residential Development, Chertsey

A 61 unit residential development of high-quality compact living apartments in Chertsey.

Conversion and extension of an existing, 3 storey building to provide 61, one and two bed apartments.  The scheme includes a new 3 storey extension. This has been carefully unified together with the existing building through the intervention of a contemporary roof that also accommodates an additional ten penthouse apartments.

Feature windows proposed at each gable offer visual interest, while the new external balconies create additional amenity space where the roof line is set back from the building.

The scheme was completed in January 2019.

Mosfilm, Residential Development, Moscow

An 11,500m2 luxury residential development located close to the famous Mosfilm Studios.

The scheme is located within the embassy district of Moscow and close to the famous Mosfilm Studios. The scheme consists of two mixed-use residential blocks, with secure basement parking, and landscaped courtyard enhanced with boutique bars and cafes. The buildings are orientated to comply with local daylight regulations and shaped to maximise floor area within the designated height restrictions for the site.

The design concept took inspiration from the famous Mosfilm studios and the iconography of early film technologies such as the Zoetrope.

Early massing studies referenced the composition of two figures featured in a celebrated sculpture used in the Mosfilm logo. Like the figures in the sculpture, the two building incline and ‘reach’ up to create a dramatic and dynamic composition.

A further layer of detail was added to the facades and help delineate the building forms. The flowing floor plates evoke thoughts sinuous film reels and the movement of motion pictures. The vertical cladding elements are inspired by early Zoetrope animations. They are arranged to provide varying degrees of transparency, ‘opening’ for living spaces and habitable rooms, ‘closing’ where privacy is more desirable. The overall effect is one of motion and dynamism.

This ‘Zoetrope’ pattern is echoed in the landscape design. Bands of different materials and planting ‘open’ and ‘close’ across the amenity space animating the heart of the site.