Clever Park (Alliance) Retail and Office, Ekaterinburg

A hypermarket, multistorey car park & multipurpose sports venue located in the city centre of Ekaterinburg, Russia.

This mixed use building is adjacent to the phase 1 office building and is part of a 220,000m2 residential development currently being designed by Twelve Architects.

The ground floor accommodates a hypermarket and centralised plant zone for the residential development. The upper floors provide a car park for the hypermarket and residential development. Each floor of the car park is secured and accessed separately from the main ramp to allow the floors to be sold or let to separate developers.  The roof accommodates a community multipurpose sports venue.

The building will be clad with a punched metal mesh and is articulated by a concrete lattice finished in a smooth render. The external appearance creates a strong identity, making it recognisable and aiding with the way finding within the larger masterplan.

In 2015 the scheme won the prestigious Regional Property Award for Best Office Development in the Region. The award ceremony took place at 100+ International Forum For High-Rise And Unique Constructions in Ekaterinburg.

Office Development, 22@ District, Barcelona

Office Development, 22@ District, Barcelona

A 22,000m² prime office development that promotes a new working environment in Barcelona’s central business district.

Twelve Architects has completed a feasibility study for a British Private Investment Fund to develop a design to BCO standards and LEED Gold requirements. The building’s massing steps from 18 to 9 storeys to conform to the district’s masterplan.

The design optimises the potential of both internal and external spaces. The ‘grand’ entrance, ground floor lobby and upper terrace responds to the park that is adjacent to the site. These spaces create an inviting tenant experience and added value to their office space. The design of the office floors and core creates flexible, efficient and adaptable layouts that can accommodate multi-tenant arrangements.

University of Surrey, The Teaching Block, Guildford

University of Surrey

An extension, alteration and refurbishment of an existing teaching block.

Twelve Architects has completed the design and tender documentation for the University of Surrey’s extension and refurbishment of the existing 845 capacity teaching block on the University’s Stage Hill Campus.
The brief requires the assessment and improvement of the existing entrance, classrooms, lecture theatres, circulation space and external landscape. Twelve Architects have developed the design to create a larger, atrium ‘hub’ that provides comfortable, naturally ventilated and light breakout space to the adjacent lecture theatres and teaching spaces.

The design provides a comfortable, recognisable and memorable meeting space for students before and after lectures. An ETFE roof allows a soft sunlight in the day and is lit with coloured feature lighting in the evening.

Combined with local improvements to the external works, the ‘hub’ will significantly improve DDA accessibility to the building.