Clever Park Residential Tower, Russia

This 32 storey residential tower is the third phase of the 220,000m2 Clever Park development.

The first phase Clever Park Office Development ( was completed in 2013 and second phase retail, multi-storey carpark and sports facility was completed in 2014 and is also designed by Twelve Architects in collaboration with the local Russian practice R1 Design Bureau.

The residential masterplan also by Twelve Architects creates a series of intertwined buildings and gardens that are orientated to the river and respond to the day-lighting regulations. The buildings are terraced to create a range of building heights from 6 to 32 storeys. The masterplan provides economy and business class residential apartments, sports facilities, restaurants, two kindergardens, and ground & basement parking.

Construction of the tower commenced in March 2017 and it is expected to complete in 2019.

8 William Street, Carshalton, Surrey

Re-defining a forgotten site to create four apartments.

8 William Street is a highly constrained site which is landlocked on 3 sides by retail and residential properties. The site previously accommodated a light industrial unit which in recent years has become disused. The vision for the project is to demolish the existing low quality ‘shed’ and replace it with a contemporary and high quality design that accommodates four one bed flats within a two storey building. The development also enhancements the surrounding shared landscape, access drive and parking.

The ‘H-shaped’ plan orientates the rooms and windows to predominantly face south to minimise overlooking between the development and neighbouring buildings. The plan form also creates the opportunity for both first floor flats to have a private recessed balcony.

The redevelopment of 8 William Street is in accordance with the London Borough of Sutton’s aspirations and ambitions for the regeneration of the site and surrounding area.

Brunel University, School of Engineering

A 10,600m2 state of the art facility for the school of engineering.

Twelve Architects provided specialist advice to Brunel University for the creation of a new building for the School of Engineering. Working in close collaboration with the client we helped develop the outline brief, site assessment, accommodation schedule, indicative building arrangement, massing, cost appraisal and vision. Our work formed the basis of the university’s project business plan, project brief and design guidelines for the ongoing design stages and realisation of the project.

The concept envisages approximately 10,600m2 of state of the art facilities accommodating specialist engineering laboratories, workshops, exhibition space, flexible teaching spaces, staff offices and formal and informal study environments. These will be arranged around a central ‘collaborative’ atrium with the laboratories and workshops glazed to maximise views in and out and make the engineering activities going on in the building visible to users and visitors.

To respect the surrounding residential properties the height of the new building is limited to three storeys. At the same time, the functional requirements of the engineering laboratories and workshops means the ground floor is predominantly double height. To achieve the area needed, an existing railway cutting is utilised to create a new ground floor.

The vision for the building is a simple, rectilinear form generated by the large scale, flexible spaces of the interior with the cantilevered first floor, expressed structure and chosen materials creating an ‘engineered’ aesthetic that communicates its function.

VIP Terminal, Rostov-on-Don Airport

The concept is for a new VIP international and domestic airport terminal as part of the wider development of The Yuzhny Greenfield Airport which is funded by the Airports of the Regions, part of the Renova Group, the largest airport holding company in Russia.

Twelve Architects has also designed the main international and domestic airport terminal. The project is due to be completed in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.