Majakovskogo Residential and Offices

A 32 storey residential tower located in the city centre of Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The development forms part of the redevelopment of the industrial quarter adjacent to the main train station. The tower forms the gateway to a park and five other residential towers as part of the same development.

To reduce cost and the need to create a basement and to also provide an acoustic screen to the railway the design creates a 6 storey multistory carpark adjacent to the railway.

The residential tower is clad is a repeated panelized system with a black and white tile finish and integrated windows. The window reveals are coloured to provide an element of variation when view from different angles.

The project is currently being developed for final city and building code approvals.

IG “Generation” Office Headquarters, Berezovski

A new 12,000sqm office headquarters for the industrial group ‘Generation’ located in Berezovski, Russia.

The project is located on a new business park. The design incorporates a low energy strategy incorporating a triple glazed façade system, geothermal heating and hot water system and exposed thermal mass. The design provides a flexible working environment with raised access floors and lightweight or folding internal partitions.

The project is currently being developed for submission of building code approvals.

Bolshoye Savino, Perm International Airport

Perm Airport’s new terminal provides an iconic gateway to the Perm region. The terminal is 25,000m2 and has been designed to respond to the operational needs and projected growth of the airport.

The external appearance is inspired by the concept of ‘jet streams’ and makes maximum use of natural daylight, creating bright and airy spaces that are both calm and relaxing. The building form is relatively simple and allows for future expansion both internally and externally.

As part of the design process twelve architects developed a series of design options with the client including an alternative facade option ‘the cloud’ formed from ETFE cushions making a memorable impression, particularly when lit at night.